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Whooping Cough Là Gì – How to Pronounce Whooping Cough? (CORRECTLY)

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This video shows you How to Pronounce Whooping Cough (pronunciation guide).
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Whooping Cough Là Gì - How to Pronounce Whooping Cough? (CORRECTLY)

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  1. I had whooping cough as a baby. I’m now 75 & always heard it pronounced as “hooping”. All the TV commercials in America are now saying “whooping” w the sound of wh as in whooping. I believe the “hooping” to be correct. There are shots to prevent this disease bc it can be deadly. Thanks to the illegal immigrants, we now have whooping cough, small pox, TB, & live & bed bugs everywhere. When traveling, you need to only stay at the very best hotels to avoid contracting any of these. Unfortunately, before COVID, our schools had to deal with these issues. I didn’t when I grew up & neither did my children. But my grand-children & now my great-grandchildren are growing up with all this.

  2. As a child, I grew up in Louisiana. There is a native bird that is known as the whooping crane. Pronounced "hooping". Strangely enough, the sound that the bird makes is oddly similar sounding to the cough that someone with pertusis has. Pertussis is the medical name for Whooping cough. "Whooping cough" is a more recent slang term given to the disease.

  3. I had this as a child and it was pronounced as ‘hooping’ cough. The English language is being changed and not for the better. As expression, my bad or went missing. What was wrong with my fault and disappeared.I’m old, yes, but all change is not for the better. Hust mt pet peeve.

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